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"A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey left inside."

- Winnie the Pooh

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We are an Online Community Centre offering a community for people to join and connect with others in. This happens via our Zoom based timetable where we have wonderful people hosting sessions that they are experienced in and passionate about. These sessions include:


Art & Crafts, Storytime, Bingo & Quiz Night, Knit & Natter, Film & TV Club, Family History, History, Languages Cafe, Wordplay, Cooking, Gardening, Music Appreciation Club, Creative Writing and Book Club. Check them all out here!


Each of these sessions have their own WhatsApp group and members can be part of those too, giving them the chance to communicate with others each day as they want to.


Our members have come to our community and enjoy being part of it because they are interested in the sessions we offer but also for many other reasons including: loneliness, isolation, mental/emotional distress, grief, physical illness (both acute and chronic), coping with trauma, being a carer and much more. We have experienced just how powerful belonging to a community based in kindness like ours can be and how supportive our members find it.


The online/Zoom nature of Bee Tree means that members are not having to get ready, go out and be fully present in sessions as they would need to be in face to face to sessions. They can turn their microphone/camera off as they want to and attend from anywhere they are comfortable - we have members tuning in from their beds, in their PJs, from a parked car - there really is no pressure. By having this option members are able to take the opportunity to focus on themselves, be creative and access the parts of them that life often keeps us too busy to engage with and enjoy.


Writing and listening to stories, painting at the dining table, learning to cook new recipes, chatting about our favourite parts of books, films and music, playing bingo and doing quizzes from bed, researching family history, learning about historical figures and events, reminiscing with similarly aged people, knitting and chatting as a group, playing word games with breakfast, learning new languages and laughing, relaxing in the armchair, seeing the workings and goings on of allotment life...


and reach

more socially isolated people

"The bigger we grow, 


the more we can develop

our service


with more

to offer."

singing1 (1).png

How much of that gets forgotten as life rushes by?


All of the activities that, most of all, offer members a chance to laugh, socialise, prioritise themselves and their needs and feel cared about when they are missed. A place to belong. Self care at its finest and the foundations required for mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health.


Plus Bee Tree has been created and is overseen by two women who between them have a background in Nursing, Midwifery, Counselling/Psychotherapy, Teaching and Public Health - they are present in many sessions, are in every WhatsApp group and have created Bee Tree as a service with safeguarding in mind. They have experienced both professionally and personally just how needed a service like this is (particularly during hard economic times) and the difference it can make to people. So they did it! And they love it!


If you'd like to join, or are a professional who knows people who may like to join Bee Tree, it costs only £10 monthly to be a member.  We also offer a free trial month to start with. This gives our members access to our full timetable where there are sessions running every single day. Membership can be cancelled at any time. To join:

  1. REGISTER as a member 

  2. SUBSCRIBE to our £10 monthly payment option

  3. BOOK your sessions

  4. When you have done this you will then be able to log in and log out of Your Account. If you click the drop down arrow next to your name you can view bookings you've made, join meetings and change contact/payment details.


If you have any queries please email us at:


We look forward to seeing you!

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Listen to and read about Debbie and Clare chatting about all things Bee Tree:

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