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Christmas time, Sue's Cooking on wine, Knitting and Nattering until Storytime. With Bingo and Quiz Night, and Crafting away, we'll all get merry in Book Club that day!

New Year time, Clare's Quizzing on wine, let's all Get Together for a Bee Tree good time. With Wordplay and History, and Creative Writing too, lets all meet for Breakfast in 2022!

We look forward to seeing you all during our Christmas and New Year timetable!

Deb & Clare xxx


MONDAY 20th December

8-9pm with Ann-Marie


TUESDAY 21st December

7-8:30pm with Jake

BW Knitting 3.png

WEDNESDAY 22nd December

1-2:30pm with Deb/Clare

BW Cooking.png

THURSDAY 23rd December


with Sue


FRIDAY 24th December

10-11:30am with Deb

BW Book 4.png

SUNDAY 26th December

5:30-7pm with Deb

BW Book 6.png

WEDNESDAY 29th December

7-8:30pm with Steve

BW Cup.png

THURSDAY 30th December

1-2:30pm with Deb/Clare


FRIDAY 31st December

10-11:30am with Deborah

BW Word Play.png

SATURDAY 1st January

11am-12:30pm with Deb/Clare


TUESDAY 28th December

7-8:30pm with Clare


SUNDAY 2nd January

10am-12pm with Deb/Clare


Join Ann-Marie as she reads us a Christmas themed story
or two!

Join Jake (and our Bingo number caller Bertha!) for a night of laughs and merriment!

Join Deb, Clare and other members for some Knitting and Nattering about all things Christmas!

Join Sue to make Mushroom & Mixed Nut Roast, Fennel & Herb Coleslaw and Date & Apple Christmas Muffins.

Join Deb for some Christmas Craft making using things you'll likely already have in the house.

Join Deb to chat about books you're reading and to have a good old gab!

Join Clare as she quizzes you about all things 2021!

How well do you know your history? Join Steve and fellow History fans for a quiz and find out!

Join Deb, Clare and other members for a get together! Bring food and drink and settle in for a natter!

Join Deborah and engage your creativity to write in response to prompts that she provides for you.

Join Deb and Clare for some team Boggle, Hangman and Countdown with a brew!

Join Deb, Clare and other members with your breakfast and settle in for some Sunday morning nattering about your favourite films/TV!

  • The Bee Tree Community uses a Zoom based timetable to bring people together from all over the country.

  • Our online community is now 1 year old and welcomes anyone who is looking to socialise over shared interests for whatever reason.  

  • You don't need to leave home for these sessions, but you do require a device that has a front facing camera/is capable of video calling and have access to the internet (preferably Wifi!)

  • All of our Zoom Sessions are available to members for just £10 per month (that's just 17p per session!) with your first month free!

  • Click here to see our Winter Timetable that runs from October 2021 through to March 2022.

  • Click here to book any session from our Christmas or Winter timetable.


We all know that to stay

physically healthy we need our

5 A Day minimum of 400g

of fruit and vegetables.


At The Bee Tree Community

we also believe in 4 A Day;

to maintain our overall wellbeing

we need to pay attention to

not only our physical health,

but our emotional, mental

and spiritual health too:

The Bee Tree Community:

Part of your '4 A Day'!


Our groups and sessions at Bee Tree are underpinned by Abraham Maslow's ideas about what we need as human beings to grow and develop into our full potential.

Our Physical wellbeing is strengthened when we eat foods that are good for us and when we exercise our bodies.

Our Emotional wellbeing is bolstered when we are able to feel and express our emotions safely and effectively.

Our Mental wellbeing is improved

when we participate in activities

that help us to think clearly.

Our Spiritual wellbeing is supported when we feel a sense of purpose

and enjoyment in our lives.


All our sessions at The Bee Tree Community are colour coded so that you can see how each activity contributes to your 4 A Day and helps you to maintain your overall wellbeing. You can read this information on each session's individual page.

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