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Get crafty with

Bee Tree!


Art &

Session Brief

Card making, decoupage, scrap booking, glass painting, pottery, jewellery making, paper mache... whether you just want to be able to draw, paint, use art for fun and pleasure, perhaps express something from your imagination or for your own development; Art & Crafts truly has the ability to take you anywhere. Happy to teach, share ideas and have a chat, this is a group open to all people of all ages and experience. Bring your projects and come along for the natter and see what's going on. 


Creativity is intelligence having fun.

- Albert Einstein

Session Details

How Does

It Work?

Members bring their projects and Deb creates a safe space in which they can share their work, tips, techniques and ideas, ask questions, learn from each other and chat together, generally about anything at all.

What do

I Need?

For the session you will need your laptop or mobile device and session zoom link, a quiet space to sit or lie down, and your project (although sometimes you may just want to come along and natter!)

What Do

I Do?

Deb will lead the session, so you get to just be there and relax, work on your project and to talk as much or as little as you like.

  • Hosted by Deb


    1 hr 30 min


Deb is one of the Bee Tree Founders and Co-Directors. She has had a long and varied career in health, education and psychotherapy, and is currently studying for her Doctorate. 


Deb is passionate about 'people power'; bringing people together to help themselves and each other to improve their lives and overall well being. She really enjoys being with people and listening to their fascinating stories about their lives; where they've been, who they've met, what they've done. She is also a very enthusiastic knitter and crafter and an avid collector of yarn, arguably an addiction which she struggles to control!


Meet Deb our 
Art & Crafts Host

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