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Discover your inner writer!




Session Brief

Studies show that creative writing triggers Dopamine in the brain, making us feel happy. This is a Bee Tree favourite and is truly like doing art with words. It’s amazing what we can create when we make the time to connect with like minded people, receive some prompts, and sit and think and write in the moment! Read out your work or simply listen to others’, there really is no pressure here. This is a beautiful session to experience and one that welcomes and encourages the inner writer in all of us. You'll be surprised how effectively this is done over zoom too - you may find yourself taken to places you really didn't expect to go!


The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write it...

- Neil Gaiman

Session Details

How Does

It Work?

Prompts such as a phrase or a sentence, an object, a picture, a piece of music, a selection of words etc will be used to give you a starting point from which to begin writing. Members are also welcome to bring something to share and to write about. This isa safe space in which you can share you writing if that feels okay, as much or as little as you like, there is no pressure at all.

What do

I Need?

You will need your laptop or mobile device, your session zoom link, a quiet space and a pad and pen.

What Do

I Do?

Deb will lead the session, so you get to just be there and write in response to the different prompts provided. Feel free to bring prompts for the group of your own too or to share a piece of writing you find inspiring. You can share what you have written if that feels okay too.


Deb has had a long and varied career in health, education and psychotherapy, and is currently studying for her Doctorate. She is passionate about 'people power'; bringing people together to help themselves and each other to improve their lives and overall well being. She really enjoys being with people and listening to their fascinating stories about their lives; where they've been, who they've met, what they've done. Deb is also a very enthusiastic knitter and an avid collector of yarn, arguably an addiction which she struggles to control!


Meet Deb our
Creative Writing Host

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