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Share your love of music of all 




Session Brief

Music forms the soundtrack of many people's lives and serves to connect us all through its universal language. Be it in film, TV, albums, concerts, musicals, radio, internet and so much more... it's everywhere. These days we have access to more music than ever before and how we love to talk about it! So bring your drinks, snacks and recommendations and settle in to talk all things music with our host Clare and fellow music lovers! 

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Music is life itself.

- Louis Armstrong

Session Details

How Does

It Work?

Each week members share their thoughts, feelings and ideas about any and all music they've listened to which usually leads to some lively discussion. There may also be discussion around films, TV, books, musicals, people etc associated with the music - the usual stuff you'll find music fans talking about! It's relaxed, informal and the perfect place to unwind and connect on a Sunday morning. No matter what your favourite genre is, all are welcome!

What do

I Need?

You will need your laptop or mobile device, your session zoom link and a quiet space. Drinks and snacks or your breakfast if you like too!

What Do

I Do?

It's a pretty relaxed session that will likely lead itself according to discussion.



Clare was previously a Nurse and Midwife and is now as an Integrative Psychotherapist running her own practice alongside her commitment to Bee Tree as one of its Directors.

Clare is a lover of good (now vegan!) food, peaceful mornings with a coffee, time spent with her husband Dec, their cats, tortoises and people she loves and stories of all kinds. Harry Potter, Pokémon, Disney and musicals are just some of the stories she's loved since she was little! She is passionate about social justice and doing her part where she can to make this world a better, fairer and more compassionate place. Bee Tree is the culmination of much of Clare's combined personal and professional experience and she feels it's benefits just as much as Bee Tree members do.


Meet Clare our Music
Appreciation Club Host

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