"It is wonderful to be a part of Bee Tree. I went today to just listen because I know just how empowering being there feels, but I wasn't expecting to come along and find exactly what I needed to hear." 

"I love being a part of Bee Tree. I get so much from listening to everyone's creativity."

"I love the Bee Tree sessions. Each one brings me a step closer to finding 'me' again. You all give me such joy. Thank you for being my support bubble."

"I love the laughter. It's become such a safe and empowering space for us all."

"I find Bee Tree to be so kind - I am quite moved when they miss me in the sessions if I'm not there!"

"It's made my life over lockdown so much easier. I was so anxious. I have friends all over the country now!"

"I've never used Zoom before Bee Tree but I'm a whizz on it now! Thank you for helping me learn how to use it."

"I don't know where my days go - I'm on Bee Tree so much, they just fly by!"

"Bee Tree has made it so easy for me to socialise again. It's a wonderful community, it really is. It's changed my life."

"I can come to Bee Tree in my PJs if I want to, it's brilliant!"

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