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Come along and play with us!


Word Play

Session Brief

Research shows that most English speaking adults have a 20 to 35 thousand word vocabulary, and that word puzzles can be part of a healthy lifestyle. With our games master Clare we play online word games like Boggle and Hangman and work as a group to solve puzzles and riddles and get our brains working! This really is a mini brain workout for people who enjoy the likes of Countdown and Brain Training games/exercises, but is also funny, full of chatting and laughs and is a lovely way to begin the weekend. Suitable for all levels from beginner to expert, it's a great session to take part in on a Saturday morning!

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If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.

- Albert Einstein

Session Details

How Does

It Work?

Clare is our games master who uses interactive online games like Boggle and Hangman which we play as a team.

What do

I Need?

For the session you will need your laptop or mobile device and session zoom link.

What Do

I Do?

Clare will explain each game and the rules, she will take charge of the online bits so that you just get to play.

  • Hosted by Clare


    1 hr 30 min


Clare was previously a Nurse and Midwife and is now as an Integrative Psychotherapist running her own practice alongside her commitment to Bee Tree as one of its Directors.

Clare is a lover of good (now vegan!) food, peaceful mornings with a coffee, time spent with her husband Dec, their cats, tortoises and people she loves and stories of all kinds. Harry Potter, Pokémon, Disney and musicals are just some of the stories she's loved since she was little! She is passionate about social justice and doing her part where she can to make this world a better, fairer and more compassionate place. Bee Tree is the culmination of much of Clare's combined personal and professional experience and she feels it's benefits just as much as Bee Tree members do.


Wordplay is her favourite session hence why she hosts it - it's a lovely, funny session to be a part of on a Saturday morning with coffee, chatting and teamwork between members that really does bond members as much as it trains our brains!


Meet Clare our
Wordplay Host

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