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Take time

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Bingo &

Quiz Night

Session Brief

Bingo is not just really good fun, it's also good for your health! This is a lovely night full of laughter and a chance to connect with a range of other members from all over the country over the brain teasers that are Jake’s quizzes and the unexpectedly tense ups and downs of Bingo with Bertha (our bingo number generator)! If you win you will also get entered into our prize draw that is drawn every month! Bring your drinks and snacks and settle in, Jake really is a hilarious host who adds a brilliant comedy feel to the evening too.


When I was a Bingo caller

I tried to be the best

Bingo Caller.

- Russell Crowe

Session Details

How Does

It Work?

Jake uses 'Bertha' an online Bingo app to select the numbers which he will call out. Your mobile telephone number is split into five numbers, which make up your Bingo card. We intersperse our games of Bingo with short general knowledge quizzes.

What do

I Need?

You will need your laptop or mobile device, your session zoom link, a pad and pen, and your mobile phone

(make sure you know your number!)

What Do

I Do?

Jake reminds everyone of the rules at the start of the session. Write down your mobile number and split it into 5 two digit numbers. Cross them off as they are called. If you win shout 'Bingo' and text Jake who will verify your claim. Your name goes into a 'hat' and the person with the most wins over the month gets a prize. Good luck!


Jake lives in Manchester and loves to cook. He is a tax wizard in a law firm by day, but by night he turns his talent for numbers into becoming our Bingo Caller extraordinaire. With a mind full of useless, yet often interesting trivia he is also our resident Quiz Master and has us turning our minds inside out to find answers that are on the tips of our tongues. He is an incredibly funny man and has made Tuesday nights at Bee Tree a comedy night that is a fan favourite! He says he is a huge child in reality who is more at home chasing his niece and nephew around a soft play area than he is at a fancy restaurant. He also says he can definitely read and say numbers (always useful!) so is happy to host this session - be prepared for laughs!

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Meet Jake

our Bingo & Quiz Host

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