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Session Brief

Storytime is a great opportunity to relive the joy of having someone read to you. Some of us may have had bedtime stories or had a teacher read to us at school, and will recall the pleasure this gave. For those who have never experienced this beyond access to slightly more emotionally removed audiobooks, stand by for the warm, fuzzy feeling of a live reading shared with other listeners. Here, also, is a chance to appreciate unfamiliar tales or even revisit a yarn that is an old friend. Just book in, listen and enjoy!


The Universe is made of Stories, not Atoms.

- Muriel Rukeyser

Session Details

How Does

It Work?

Each week Ann-Marie will read a different story to members to give adults a reminder of the joy of being read to - grown ups need stories too! Juat come along and settle in! You can have your camera and mic switched off for this if you want to, it's very relaxed and a perfect sessions to have from your bed.

What do

I Need?

You will need your laptop or mobile device, your session zoom link and a quiet, cosy space to settle in and listen.

What Do

I Do?

Ann-Marie will lead the session, so you get to just be there and relax while you listen. Please ensure that you mute yourself if there is any noise given that the rest of the group will be listening to Ann-Marie too.

  • Hosted by Ann-Marie


    1 hr

Watch a recent Storytime recording here:


Our in-house reader is Ann-Marie Gallagher, a retired University lecturer who had been given to understand that retirement meant lots of holidays in Cornwall and soft cushions. However, she has been forced to forego jollies in the West Country and sell the soft furnishings due to her book addiction, so that fond imaginings are all she enjoys. That, and the sound of her own voice. In pursuit of her pleasure in being able to talk the hind leg off a quadruped of your choice, she has offered to read short stories for Bee Tree every Monday evening 8-9pm. This is a pathetic attempt to make self indulgence look like virtue and she knows it (Ann-Marie's words, not ours! We happen to think she's awesome and a truly brilliant story teller!)


Meet Anne-Marie
our Storytime Host

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