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Cooking is all about self care! Eat well!



Session Brief

At Bee Tree we love good food! Did you know that home cooked meals are not only healthier but also cost less? Cooking with Sue is well known at Bee Tree for the tasty treats as well as the absolute hilarity that can ensue when Sue is trying to manage us all over zoom! She really does support each and every member brilliantly from start to finish over Zoom! So balance your laptop on your bread bin, angle your phone holder just right, roll your sleeves up and get your rolling pin out! 

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Cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together.

- Gut Fieri

Session Details

How Does

It Work?

The group cooks recipes which Sue sends out in advance via our Whatsapp group so that you can get all your ingredients, pots and pans, knives, greaseproof paper etc. in good time. Each session Sue will explain and guide members through the process, from salads to soups, from pies to pasta. There are always vegetarian and vegan alternatives. She will always demonstrate and explain, and give you chance to ask questions throughout.

What do

I Need?

You will need your laptop or mobile device in your kitchen, your session zoom link, your ingredients and utensils and a pad and pen to make notes. Remember - your shopping/ingredients lists for upcoming weeks are in the Whatsapp group.

What Do

I Do?

Sue begins by recapping where everyone is up to and checking everyone is ok. She will then guide you through the session by demonstrating and explaining and encouraging you to follow her instruction and ask questions. Sue is on hand thorughout if you need help, sharing tips, ideas and information as we go along.

  • Hosted by Sue


    2 hr


Sue lives in the North West of England and is a History and English teacher and a qualified Reiki practitioner. In her spare time she tends her allotment and grows lots of delicious fruit and vegetables ten months of the year. Sue processes lots of her produce as she loves to cook and bake, and to make her own jams, jellies, curds, conserves and chutneys. Recently Sue has developed a passion for bread-making. Over the past couple of years she has completed two bread baking courses; 'an adventure with flour that was good for my mind, body and soul'. Sue also hosts our Gardening session in the summer and truly is brilliant in both that and Cooking, assisting our members thoroughly despite not being in the same room!

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Meet Sue

our Cooking Host

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