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The Bee Tree Community is a Community Interest Company run voluntarily by us (Debbie and Clare) around our other commitments. We are passionate about social justice and leaving this world a better place than it is currently. Our dream is to create and build a thriving community based in kindness, connection and creativity that is inclusive and caring. We believe wholeheartedly in Bee Tree's mission to support those who are isolated and/or lonely, for whatever reason that may be, and encouraging easy and affordable connection with others, particularly given the cost of living difficulties all of us face currently.

Bee Tree is able to run a packed timetable of Zoom sessions for members thanks to the donated time and energy of our incredible hosts. They are people who truly believe in Bee Tree's mission and values and really do make it the brilliantly creative and welcoming community it is today.

However! In order to continue to run, grow and further support members, Bee Tree is in desperate need of funds and promotion so that we become better known. Luckily, we have had some of the most incredible people support us:

Tara Humphrey


"I had no plans to raise money for a charitable cause this year..."

If I'm honest, I didn't want the added stress of raising money on top of training for a 100 mile bike ride, 2 x 50k runs and another 60 mile bike ride... But when I met the Founders of The Bee Tree Community, I was compelled to help in some way. I was just so struck by what they are doing that I wanted to help them raise awareness and raise funds. 

Bee Tree is a Start-Up, and the Founders Clare and Debbie are funding this Community Interest Company themselves at present. They can’t compete with the big charities, so they need people like you and me

to help them.

In September 2021 Tara did the hard work - incredibly, she completed 227 miles on foot and bike across 4 different events!! Tara and the brilliant people who have donated raised £2000 for us! 

Cassie James

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"I'll help as much as I can to get you known by those who need you..."

Back when we first started up we were contacted by Cassie James of Mighty Radio Southport and asked to feature on her show. Kind, funny and incredibly passionate about supporting her local community and any service like us who wanted to do the same, Cassie was a joy to work with. She set us at ease and went on to feature us a few times, always doing her best for us despite going through a tough cancer journey herself behind the scenes. Cassie sadly died earlier this year but her legacy remains as a true warrior who fought for a kinder world and an inspiration to the many, many people whose lives she touched. We miss her greatly and will forever remember her as one of the few who believed in us and had our back right from the start. Thank you for everything Cassie xxx

Times are tough for everyone at the moment. We know that and it's why we keep Bee Tree affordable and always will do. But the time has come for our community to be given a boost so that more people can join and benefit from what we offer and we in turn can cover our larger but necessary business development costs with the added money their membership raises. We need money and coverage to reach and bring in more members, so we can grow and reach even more members all over the country. We need it to ultimately secure our service. This is where we need your help.


To support us with a £5 monthly donation please click here

To feature us on your radio show, newspaper, podcast or any other kind of media please email us at - We will happily feature anywhere and everywhere if it helps more people to find us!


What we have achieved in Bee Tree's first couple of years is astonishing. It's creation has changed the lives of many of our members, as evidenced by their testimonials. Please help us to make our third year the year that Bee Tree really takes off and finds its place as a true community for people to support each other within from all over the UK. Our personal and professional experience tells us how much a service like The Bee Tree Community CIC is required. We know it can truly make a difference. We just need a hand getting it out there for people to learn about and use.


Thank you x

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