The Bee Tree Community is a Community Interest Company run voluntarily by us (Debbie and Clare) around our other commitments. We are passionate about social justice and leaving this world a better place than it is currently. Our dream is to create and build a thriving community based in kindness, connection and creativity that is inclusive and caring. We believe wholeheartedly in Bee Tree's mission to support those who are isolated and/or lonely, for whatever reason that may be.

Bee Tree is able to run a packed timetable of Zoom sessions for members thanks to the donated time and energy of our incredible hosts. They are people who truly believe in Bee Tree's mission and values and really do make it the brilliantly creative and welcoming community it is today.

However! In order to continue to run, grow and further support members, Bee Tree is in desperate need of funds. Luckily, we have the most incredible people supporting us:


"I had no plans to raise money for a charitable cause this year..."

If I'm honest, I didn't want the added stress of raising money on top of training for a 100 mile bike ride, 2 x 50k runs and another 60 mile bike ride... But when I met the Founders of The Bee Tree Community, I was compelled to help in some way. I was just so struck by what they are doing that I wanted to help them raise awareness and raise funds. 

Bee Tree is a Start-Up, and the Founders Clare and Debbie are funding this Community Interest Company themselves at present. They can’t compete with the big charities, so they need people like you and me

to help them.

Will you help us?

In September 2021 Tara did the hard work - incredibly, she completed 227 miles on foot and bike across 4 different events!! We are on track to hit £2500 raised by Tara and the brilliant people who have donated so far. If you could help us hit this milestone, this will not only help with the running costs of Bee Tree, but it will also help us to set up The Bee Tree Community's free Befriending Service. This will offer one to one contact (online or telephone) for their members who aren't able to come to sessions and who just want a chat to another person. We would be eternally grateful for any support you could give us. Thank you x